Message "We simply cannot let these beautiful animals
disappear forever" Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister (INDIA)

Wildlife Conservationist BrijBhushan Sharma, his friend Sanjiv 'Daboo' Dewan and team are setting out on a unique expedition early next year in an effort to focus international attention on the tigers' plight and the need for urgent action.

They will drive from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh to Corbett in North India through 5 Tiger Reserves over 15 days covering a
distance of ~ 2,200 km

Meeting and interacting with local communities, forest officials and conservationists to understand areas that need urgent action. Inviting the world to follow the journey through the media and world wide web calling for international support for Tiger Conservation efforts in India.






  • Tigers, the most charismatic of all the big cats, are on the brink of extinction.
  • At the turn of the 20th century over 100,000 wild tigers roamed the earth, today as few as 3,200 remain (WWF).
  • Tiger populations are at a 'tipping point' - if the decline continues recovery may not be possible.
  • India is home to over 50% world's remaining tiger population and is now the main battle field for the species survival.
  • By saving the tiger we save everything that comes under its ecological 'umbrella'.
  • The time to act is NOW.

Please Extend Your Support and give generously for critical tiger conservation efforts within India and ? Save India's Tigers from Extinction

Let history not remember us as the ones responsible for the Tigers' extinction, but the ones that strived to ensure that tigers thrive in the wild for future generations.

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